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Osteopath Sudbury

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What to expect on your visit to Ryes Valley Osteopaths

What to expect during the consultation:

  • Consultations last for 45mins.
  • A full case history will then be taken by our Osteopath where a thorough set of relevant medical questions will be asked.
  • You will then be asked to undress down to your undergarments, or what you feel most comfortable in (this is in order for us to carry out an accurate assessment).
  • A standing observation, incorporating posture and movement patterns of the body then will be assessed.
  • Relevant orthopaedic tests, including muscle, joint and nerve tests will be performed if required.
  • A full explanation of these findings will be provided.
  • Treatment and appropriate follow up advice will then be given.
  • Follow up treatment/s will then be booked, which will last for up to 30 minutes.